Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park is known for its many elephants and its profusion of baobabs. It is characterized by alternating forests of Acacias and large meadows. More than 2800km2, the Park is named as the Tarangire River, the only source of water for wildlife. During the dry season, some plains animals such as zebras and Wildbeest from the Maasai steppe gather along the Tarangire River in search of water. The vegetation consists of many species such as the magnificent baobabs, Acacias, riverineforest and large meadows.

The Park is populated by many wild animals including large herds of zebras, impalas, wildbeestand buffalos. You will also have the opportunity to cross giraffes, warthogs and predators, especially lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and more than 500 species of animals.

Activities: 4×4 Photo Safari