If itis a namethatmakesyoudreamjust by pronouncingitis Zanzibar. This archipelago of the IndianOceaniscomposed of 3 Islands:Unguja, Pemba and mafia.

Lesaga Adventure Safaris organizesstays on the main island of Unguja, more commonlyknown as Zanzibar, whose capital isStone Town. You can strollthrough the alleys of the UNESCO-listedoldtown and admire the ancient buildings and the olddoors. You will go to the Anglican cathedral, and willvisit the old slave market..

Zanzibar, the Spice Island, has beautiful white sandbeaches. You can enjoy snorkeling, strolling on the beach and enjoying the delicious Zanzibari cuisine.

Activities:Stone Town cultural tour, beach, diving, snorkelling, meeting withfishermen. Excursions: the forest of Josiani and its mangrove, the Spice tour, prison island.